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Studio Policies 



  • 48 HOURS notice of cancellation. No Exceptions.

  • No-Call/No-Show: Will not be able to book future appointments.



  •  Same-day Cancellation Fee: $45.00 fee due before new services can be scheduled. 

  • SATURDAY Same-Day Cancellation Fee: 50% of scheduled service




We require all new clients to have a New Client Consultation Session with us, to familiarize ourselves with your hair and plan your future haircare needs. 


 If this will be your FIRST TIME visiting us, you MUST select one of the following services from our New Client Menu. These services are only available to previous clients returning after 90+ days.* When returning to our studio within 90 days you will be able to book from our Returning Clients Menu. 


 If you select a service that is not specified as a New Client, we reserve the right to cancel/reschedule your appointment at your expense, at our own discretion.


A $35 non-refundable deposit is required to book all New You!/Welcome Back! Services.




If it has been less than 90 DAYS since your last visit, you are considered a Returning Client, and can book Returning Clients Sessions from the Returning Client Menu!



We are a positive and empowering studio! We reserve the right to deny service to anyone for any reason!  Although we do allow cell phones in the studio, we kindly ask that you keep phone calls to a minimum and to please keep your phone volume on silent while in the studio, as to not disturb other patrons.


Our studio is reserved for clients receiving services only.  Non-appointed guests will not be allowed in the studio. 



We Are Serious! We do not service Children under 12 years of age. We also ask that clients do not bring non-appointed children with them to the studio during their appointments. Clients arriving with young children will be asked to reschedule and charged a $35 - $45 cancellation fee.



We are a CASH ONLY Studio (with the exception of New Clients non-refundable deposit paid online prior to their visit).  Please be prepared, prior to arriving for your Service Session.


All Deposits are non-refundable. Only New Clients or Welcome Back Clients that are returning to our studio after 90 DAYS are required to pay a deposit online prior to their visit. 



To ensure timely service to each of our guests, we may need to abbreviate or reschedule your reservation if you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time.



Please arrive with your hair free of heavy oils/grease, twists, braids, or dirt/debris from recently removed extensions. A $25+ up-charge will be applied to hair that is excessively tangled, matted, or dirty. Your appointment may need to be canceled (and charged accordingly) if your hair requires additional prep time.

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